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 Jailbreak Rules

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Jailbreak Rules Empty
PostSubject: Jailbreak Rules   Jailbreak Rules EmptyWed Oct 20, 2010 10:29 pm

Your red your dead, unless baited
First day is ALWAYS a freeday.
You MUST have a mic to play CT
Racism is allowed and encouraged
If you want race, chicken fight, or RLGL ask a admin.
No spamming of any kind
No armory, inferm or vent camping
No last CT rule
Respect all admins on the server
If orders are not given by 4:00 it is a freeday
No speaking when warden is talking.
NO flaming at admins, you will be abused
The ratio must be 2 Ts for every 1 CT
If a T has a primary he may be killed without warning
If a T has a secondary he must be warned to drop before killing
A CT cannot tell a T to crouch walk
No baiting
A T may knife a CT if they're on your head
A CT has 10 seconds to take over warden or it is a freeday
If a CT calls "Outside cell rebel" rule, 4:00 freeday is null and void
You must state when playing first reaction last reaction.
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Jailbreak Rules
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